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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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firmware upgrade

If I want to do a disruptive firmware upgrade (example 7.0 to 7.2), why is it recommended to do the the upgrade via the firmwaredownload -s   instead of just the firmwaredownload?


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Re: firmware upgrade

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Re: firmware upgrade

Thanks for your reply.   I read thru the target path and I want to go from 7.0.0 to 7.2.   My upgrade path should be 7.1.1a/b/c.  I am trying to upgrade a 117 switchtype.   When I downloaded the 7.1.1b firmware it did not have a 117 switchtype.   I downloaded the base 7.1.1 firmware bundle and it does not have the 117 switchtype code either.  The 7.2 firmware does have a 117 switchtype.  


From Brocade's website problems, I found this reference:


Cannot upgrade directly to v7.2.0.
Probable cause and recommended action
If the switch is running Fabric OS v7.0.0 or earlier, you are not allowed to upgrade directly to v7.2.0 because of the “one-version” rule. Upgrade your switch to Fabric OS version v7.1.0 before upgrading to v7.2.0. The “one-version” rule also applies to downgrading.
I have downloaded multiple 7.1 patch bundles but none of them have switchtype 117 in them.   l have downloaded 7.1.1.b, 7.1.1, 7.10c, 7.1.2, and 7.1.2b. 
It does not appear there is way for me to go from 7.0 to 7.2 via the recommended 7.0 to 7.1 to 7.2.   any feedback you have will be appreciated.


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Re: firmware upgrade

if I remember correct, SwitchTypes 117 is a embedded Blade Switch, and you should start the upgrade accordly the Firmware Download Upgrade path without -s option and as non-disruptive


i.e. use as filename by update procedure



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Re: firmware upgrade

Good morning,

Again Thank-you for your response.


Yes you are correct, the switch type 117 is an embedded switch.   So I think I am missing something here.   Brocade does not support a two version upgrade, correct.


So I am current at 7.0.0.x on my switch type 117.   I want to upgrade the switch to 7.2.0.x.


The firmware upgrade path according to the Brocade target path would be 

- 7.0.0.x  to 7.1.1.c


- 7.1.1.c to 7.2.0.x


The firmware bundles I have checked including 7.1.1.c  do not contain a package for switchtype 117.


So how am I supposed to upgrade from 7.0.0.x to 7.2.0.x without an intermediate 7.1.1.x version?




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Re: firmware upgrade

[ Edited ]

If you have the FOS Package zip file, and the Size File is 818.032 Byte, then you can safely procede with the Upgrade to 7.1.1c without any doubt.


Now, I hope that clarify all you questions.


see below.



#    Copyright (c) 1996-2011 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
#    All rights reserved.
#    Description:
#      List of supported platforms.

# List of acceptable names for each platform ID.
# Each platform ID has a single line with all associated names on the same line
SWBD10: swbd10 sw12000 ulysses
SWBD12: swbd12 sw3900 terminator
SWBD21: swbd21 sw24000 meteor
SWBD22: swbd22 sw3016 blazer
SWBD23: swbd23 pulsar
SWBD24: swbd24 swbd25 olympus apollo
SWBD26: swbd26 sw3850 dazzler
SWBD27: swbd27 sw3250 dazzlerjr
SWBD28: swbd28 hampton
SWBD29: swbd29 sw4012 icecube
SWBD30: swbd30 sw3950 terminator-cr
SWBD31: swbd31 sw3916 cygnus
SWBD32: swbd32 pulsar32
SWBD33: swbd33 sw3014 glacier
SWBD34: swbd34 stealth
SWBD36: swbd36 marathon
SWBD37: swbd37 sw4020 blazer2
SWBD42: swbd42 saturn
SWBD43: swbd43 sw4024 icecube2 bradley
SWBD44: swbd44 sw4900 viking
SWBD45: swbd45 sw4016 glacier2 nighthawk
SWBD46: swbd46 sprint
SWBD47: swbd47 ironman
SWBD50: swbd50 scimitar
SWBD51: swbd51 sw4018 dragon
SWBD52: swbd52 scimitar-sas
SWBD55: swbd55 scimitar-freescale
SWBD57: swbd57 scimitar-dmm
SWBD58: swbd58 Brocade5000 pulsar2
SWBD61: swbd61 Brocade4424 superhawk
SWBD62: swbd62 zentron
SWBD63: swbd63 zentron-cocpu
SWBD64: swbd64 thor
SWBD66: swbd66 spirit
SWBD67: swbd67 mace
SWBD68: swbd68 lance
SWBD70: swbd70 sw5410 little bear 8g
SWBD71: swbd71 tomahawk
SWBD72: swbd72 bulova
SWBD73: swbd73 blazer3 dirk
SWBD75: swbd75 superhawk2
SWBD76: swbd76 elara
SWBD77: swbd77 zentron-Pluto
SWBD79: swbd79 spear CP
SWBD80: swbd80 spearlite CP
SWBD81: swbd81 spear/spearlite BP
SWBD82: swbd82 utah
SWBD83: swbd83 spike CP
SWBD85: swbd85 spike BP
SWBD86: swbd86 falcon2
SWBD87: swbd87 kestrel2
SWBD88: swbd88 europa
SWBD89: swbd89 striker
SWBD92: swbd92 gladius
SWBD109: swbd109 Stinger
SWBD117: swbd117 Pharos
SWBD118: swbd118 Tomtoo
SWBD124: swbd124 Dragon2
SWBD125: swbd125 Dragon2T
SWBD133: swbd133 Odin

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Re: firmware upgrade

[ Edited ]

Again, thank-you for your response.


I recognize the list you provided from the platform_names file of supported switch types.   However, when I unzip the 7.1.1c bundle, I do not see a package for the switch type 117.





My understanding is that each one of the SWBD files is they are the code/firmware for each switchtype.   So are you saying if the correct SWBD does not exist in the package the firmware download process decides which one to use?




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Re: firmware upgrade



--->>>My understanding is that each one....


you understand wrong, and spend your Time with things without any significance.


Is the package size Zipped 818.032 KB ?


if the answer is yes, procede with the upgrade.




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