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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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er_bad_os counters

Hi All,

In our environment, most of the port of DCX switches is having too large er_bad_os counters. Kindly explain what is the significance of this counter and what is the way to fix it.

USCNBRCF1D1:aashutoshj> portstatsshow 10/32

stat_wtx                3215081252  4-byte words transmitted

stat_wrx                331505816   4-byte words received

stat_ftx                3679947073  Frames transmitted

stat_frx                4190396454  Frames received

stat_c2_frx             0           Class 2 frames received

stat_c3_frx             4190396454  Class 3 frames received

stat_lc_rx              0           Link control frames received

stat_mc_rx              0           Multicast frames received

stat_mc_to              0           Multicast timeouts

stat_mc_tx              0           Multicast frames transmitted

tim_rdy_pri             0           Time R_RDY high priority

tim_txcrd_z             16542       Time BB credit zero (2.5Us ticks)

er_enc_in               0           Encoding errors inside of frames

er_crc                  0           Frames with CRC errors

er_trunc                0           Frames shorter than minimum

er_toolong              0           Frames longer than maximum

er_bad_eof              0           Frames with bad end-of-frame

er_enc_out              0           Encoding error outside of frames

er_bad_os               63077660    Invalid ordered set

er_rx_c3_timeout        104         Class 3 receive frames discarded due to timeout

er_tx_c3_timeout        0           Class 3 transmit frames discarded due to timeout

er_c3_dest_unreach      2           Class 3 frames discarded due to destination unreachable

er_other_discard        106         Other discards

er_zone_discard         0           Class 3 frames discarded due to zone mismatch

er_crc_good_eof         0           Crc error with good eof

er_inv_arb              0           Invalid ARB

open                    0           loop_open

transfer                0           loop_transfer

opened                  0           FL_Port opened

starve_stop             0           tenancies stopped due to starvation

fl_tenancy              0           number of times FL has the tenancy

nl_tenancy              0           number of times NL has the tenancy

zero_tenancy            0           zero tenancy


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Re: er_bad_os counters

er_bad_os counters usually mean one of two things.  If the port is an 8GB port and the fillword has not been changed from default, then you need to change the fillword setting to what is recommended by the manufacturer of the device plugged into the port.  I know IBM uses 3 and HDS uses 2.  If the port is not an 8GB port or is and has already had it's fillword setting changed, then it indicates that there is a driver on the connected device that is not compatible and needs to be updated.

If the port is 8GB, here are the steps to check and correct the fillword setting:

1.  switchshow (if you want to gather a list of all the 8GB ports on the switch)

2.  portcfgshow <blade/port> | grep Fill

     This will show the current fillword setting.  The default is 0

3.  portcfgfillword <blade/port>, <2/3>

     Changes the fillword setting.  Check with the manufacturer of the device plugged into the port to see what they support.  More info on the command: help portcfgfillword

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Re: er_bad_os counters

Thanks Clittle.

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