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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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encoding, trunking

While troubleshooting large numbers of encoding/CRC errors on a trunked ISL between a DCX and a 6520, I noticed that even though both E-ports were hard set to 8 Gbps, the DCX port showed 8/10 bit encoding while the 6520 port showed 64/66 bit encoding. 


The ports in the slave ISL (two-ISL trunk) showed the same encoding settings, but had no encoding/CRC errors.  If the webtool display is not in error, how is the difference in encoding resolved between the ports of an ISL in this configuration? 

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Re: encoding, trunking

From what I understand, encoding has to be 8/10 over 8G link. 16G ASIC support both kinds of encoding and have to use 8/10 at the speeds up to 8G, and switch to 64/66 at 10G and 16G.

Is your DCX 8G? Or is it 8510 and 16G in fact?

Since you say two of your links look the same but only one has a CRC problem, I think that displaying wrong encoding is a cosmetic issue. I hope you will be able to resolve your CRC issue by replacing the SFP.
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Re: encoding, trunking

Thanks, Alexey.



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