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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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disable web tools?



is it possible to disable the web tools for security reasons?



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Re: disable web tools?

"configure" command give you the option to disable web tools.


however you must do "switchdisable"


keep in mind the command is for short time disruptive till you set the switch again to "switchenable"

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Re: disable web tools?



you can also disable the webtools access by using ipfilter


Name: NO_HTTP, Type: ipv4, State: active
Rule Source IP Protocol Dest Port Action
1 any tcp 22 permit
2 any tcp 23 permit
3 any tcp 897 permit
4 any tcp 898 permit
5 any tcp 111 permit
6 any tcp 80 deny
7 any tcp 443 permit
8 any udp 161 permit
9 any udp 111 permit
10 any udp 123 permit
11 any tcp 600 - 1023 per mit
12 any udp 600 - 1023 per mit



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