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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Registered: ‎06-08-2011

director 48000, ibm hs21, qmi2472 config port


i have a blade ibm hs21 with extension module hba qlogic 4GB qmi 2472, when i attach hba in director i must configure the port with 2Gb, because if i configure port to director to auto-detect i see the port in_sync status and i see the incremental error in loss_of_sync, loss_of_sig and link failure.

To connect fc from blade to switch i use a multiport-optical connector  to 4 lc duplex optical connectors and 4 lc duplex optical couplers.

I would know if this configuration is a phisical limitation of data rate show in the switch.

Another question about a Fast Util loopback test.

Can i launch the thest with the fc plugged in director with prevoiusly configured port with only L-Port mode?

Thanks in advance .


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