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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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dcx migration%0D%0A

Hi Peers,


I've got a 48000 to DCX migration coming up......


the old configs will copy across onto the new DCX's.

Although I need to do some tweaking as theres some 2GB servers that are being upgraded to 4GB cards.


Reading the blurb it's says that the ISL links (F-Port trunking) will come across but will need to have their BB credits changed manually after the swap-out occurs.


Is their anything else I need to be aware off or any other gotchas?

Most of my edge switching is at about 6.4.2b where as my new directors are going to be 7.4.0b, is it worth upgrading the edge first or post the cores being swapped out?




Shamus :-)


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