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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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corrupt WWN card on a DCX (IBM badged 2499 384) after a FOS upgrade



We have a DCX IBM 2499 384 which has one 1 wwn card corrupt after switch fos upgrade.


I understand we need a replacement coded with the wwn number before swapping it out, any ideads how we get a card coded?


It's not under a support agreement, can we pay to get this?



WWN Discrepancies (Error:68) detected.

Please attempt recovery of these errors (where possible)
by navigating to the required recovery selection
from the following WWN Recovery Options Menu.

Please note that in the event of a mismatch in the LicenseIds,
between WWN1 and WWN2 cards, wwn recovery may not be possible.
In this case a factory programmed card with a matching LicenseId
must be used, as a replacement card, to complete the wwn recovery.

WWN 1 and WWN 2 Critical Seeprom Data is Mismatched.

      WWN Seeprom Problem Details

WWN License ID  Mismatch.


Recovery is not possible. Please contact Brocade Technical Support for replacement of the corrupted WWN(s).


Regards J

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