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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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connUnitPortStatCountBBCreditZero and tim_txcrd_z

It was discussed many times here and not only here what means a counter tim_txcrd_z

If I get it right, it ticks every 2,5us while there are no bb credits on a port.


My question is concerned SNMP MIB Object connUnitPortStatCountBBCreditZero

According to Brocade FOS 7.4 MIB Reference Guuide these counters are the same, but the description for connUnitPortStatCountBBCreditZero is the following The number of transitions in or out of BB credit zero state.

which is obviously not the same.


So where is the truth?



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Re: connUnitPortStatCountBBCreditZero and tim_txcrd_z

Good question.  Dont' know how anyone could definitively answer here unless they received feedback from Brocade's engineering team.  My suspicion is the definition is poorly worded.   Tim_txcrd_z  is increments when the register state is 0 value for 2.5us, so I dont understand what is meant by "transition in or out", that makes no sense. The register is either 0 or it is not 0.  So, I would think your answer needs to come from Brocade to explain the definition of connUnitPortStatCountBBCreditZero.

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