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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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configdownload fails

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I was replacing the the EMC branded brocade SAN switch with another IBM branded brocade SAN switch, I took configuration backup of old(EMC) switch and was trying to download the configuration file on the new(IBM) switch.
While downloading the configuration I am getting below error.



*** CAUTION ***

  This command is used to download a backed-up configuration
  for a specific switch.  If using a file  from a  different
  switch, this file's configuration  settings will  override
  any current switch settings.   Downloading a configuration
  file, which was uploaded  from a different type of switch,
  may cause this switch to fail.

  A switch reboot is required for the changes to take effect.

  Please make sure all the switches are disabled by
  using "chassisdisable" command. Downloading configuration
  to an online switch may result in some configuration not
  being downloaded to that switch.

  configDownload operation may take several minutes
  to complete for large files.
  Do you want to continue [y/n]: y
Error: This is not a chassis level config file.

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