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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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command line show wwns

what is th command line to show new wwwns/wwpns that has checked into the fabric? I need to comand line do the following

1. find out the new wwns/wwpns

2. create aliases for these wwns

3. create zone and add these aliases to the zone plus the aliases for the controller

4. add this new zone to the config

5. save and enable the config

can someone help with this via command line. I can do it from the gui.  I have over 20 hosts to build and I need to script this.


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Re: command line show wwns

These would be in the Command Reference Manual (and Admin Guide) for the level of FOS you're running, but here are a few tips.

For looking at WWNs, 'switchshow' is probably the easiest because it is a nice simple 1-line display per port. But if you have loop or NPIV devices then you won't be able to see the WWNs here and you would need to look at something like 'nsshow' instead. Here is the rest in a nutshell.

For creating aliases: alicreate "alias_name1","WWN"

For creating zones: zonecreate "zone_name1","alias_name1"

                             zoneadd "zone_name1","alias_name2;alias_name3"

Adding zones to cfg: cfgadd "cfg_name1","zone_name1"

Saving and enabling cfg: cfgsave

                                     cfgenable cfg_name1

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