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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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change fillword on core blade ICL port


My customer use DCX-4s.

But this Chassises are HDS OEM.

Chassis port fillword setting are all 2(idle-arbff).

user port can change the fill word but core blade port can not change the fill word.

Error message is operation failed. cannot change the ICL port.

How can i change the core blade port filllword.


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Re: change fillword on core blade ICL port



It seems that you simply cannot change fillword parameter on ICLs. Bear in mind that these ports are only connected between ICLs, so if both ends have the same config no merging problems should arise. A fillword of '2' at both ends should be just fine.





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Re: change fillword on core blade ICL port

just wonder why would you need to change it? mode 2 is the industry standard and the manual clearly says that you cannot change ICL paremeters...

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