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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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can license keys be transferred

Can a trunking license key be transferred from a decomissioned DS5300 device to another?

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Re: can license keys be transferred

License transfer from one Switch to another one, is only allowed by Replacement / Defective Switches.

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Re: can license keys be transferred

In addition to that you have to have a like-for-like switch as replacement. No chance of transfering a license from a 200e to a DCX8510. Secondly the "old" switch still needs to be under an active service contract in which the new switch takes it's place. No way of buying a switch from e-bay and move licenses around.


Yes, it has been tried and no, you'll not get a license...:-)

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Re: can license keys be transferred

Personally, I find license key schemes repugnant. If I have spare MLXe modules, I want to be able to plug them into 

whatever router I want to. I shouldn't have to interact with a license server on the net in order to enable ports, etc. If such a scheme

exists, the feature should be stored in the card and travel with the card. It should not be tied to a particular router chassis.

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