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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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can I use Long-wave SFP on short distances


We are planning a Disaster Recovery solution in which we will make a local copy of a storage appliance to a secondary one located on the same CPD. After the first full, we will move the contingency Storage appliance to a secondary site located kilometers away. We only have long-wave SFP to connect both appliances and are wondering if we could use them on such a short distance. Our main concern is the power used for transmitting the light, since both ends (switch and Storage appliance) are so close together, we are worry that the receiving port might be damaged by the intensity of the arriving signal.

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Re: can I use Long-wave SFP on short distances

Hi miguelenrique.maldonado.  You can use them for short distances.  Which one specifically are you using?  I'll get the specs on it to provide you a better answer.


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Re: can I use Long-wave SFP on short distances


As @meversol posted, you can use them but also your concerns are correct. If the Rx power is over the supported SFP limits, you'll need to use an attenuator. Take a look at the SFP specification sheet.


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