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brocade 4100 faulty ports monitor - down

Hi, I have a brocade 4100 FC switch (which is now EOL) and when looking at the health report the 'faulty ports monitor' shows as DOWN.  Any ideas how to resolve this, beeen looking around the WWW but getting nowhere...any help please.......

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Re: brocade 4100 faulty ports monitor - down

Hi there,



run 'switchstatuspolicyshow' in order to see how many  ports must be faulty in order to mark this monitor as DOWN.


SWITCH:admin> switchstatuspolicyshow
The current overall switch status policy parameters:
                   Down    Marginal
     PowerSupplies    3           0
      Temperatures    2           1
              Fans    3           1
               WWN    0           1
                CP    0           1
             Blade    0           1
             Flash    0           1
     MarginalPorts    2           1
       FaultyPorts    1           0
       MissingSFPs    0           0



Check your switch in order to locate which ports are faulty and once fixed , that monitor should go back to HEALTHY.







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