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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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brocade 300 8/8 san switch http access


i have a san switch 8/8 . I am having an issue to access the gui. I am able to do everything through the console. I got the default ip ,but not able to get access. Do i have to enable the http? I directly connect to my pc using an ethernet cable and given ip to my pc similiar to the default ip of the switch. Even i cannot ping to the Ip of the switch .

checked the ip of the switch using ipaddrshow

gateway ; none

dhcp : off

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Re: brocade 300 8/8 san switch http access



no even if HTTP was disabled, ping and telnet should still work.


What is the IP and netmask set on your PC?

Check the "ifmodeshow" and "ifmodeset" commands for some more information about the link.

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Re: brocade 300 8/8 san switch http access



that IP is default one for Brocade switches , you need to use serial connection to connect to switch

(the best tool is Putty for this task) and setup IP, mask,gw address of the switch.

then you type new IP in the webbrowser and you should be able to access to gui


There's a chance that you you will have a problem with JAVA , about that you can read in this community and the way how to fix that

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