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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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brocade 200E

I currently have two brocade 200E that are configured and zoned for my cx3-10 SAN. I have 4 open ports and I wanted to know if it is possible are even recommend to perform the following setup. I have a Cisco 4502 that has a 10GBs backplane connection via SFP, I wanted to know can I connect this switch to my 200E and add another server to the 200E. Then zone all traffice from the Cisco switch and the server, thus allowing the server to have 4GBs throughput with the rest of the network.

I am new to the design phase and wanted some input.


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Re: brocade 200E


--->>>I wanted to know can I connect this switch to my 200E....

Yes, it is possible, but you must first check if both FabOS ( Brocade Firmware ) and SAN-OS ( Cisco Firmware) are beetwen the correct Interop-Mode release.

Both switch Brocade and Cisco must be configured for Interop-Mode, see here by Cisco for Interop-Guide beetwen Cisco and Brocade....



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