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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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add SFPs/port licenses (online or offline?)


we're planning an additional shelf on both sides of a NetApp Fabric Metrocluster.

To do so, we need to add SFPs and ports on demand for all 4 Brocade 300s.

The hardware-partner is saying that all attached hosts need to go down, because MetroCluster is extremely sensitive about the equality of both sides of said cluster.

My question is: Is addings SFPs (and licenses therefor) an online process?

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Re: add SFPs/port licenses (online or offline?)

Yes, you can do it online

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Re: add SFPs/port licenses (online or offline?)

in a metrocluster environment? Have you done this?

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Re: add SFPs/port licenses (online or offline?)

This is nothing to do with the metro cluster. it is a POD license and can be added through licenseadd command. for the confirmation, you may  contact  ur SW vendor.

pls see:

Administrative Commands                            licenseAdd(1m)

     licenseAdd - Adds license keys to switch.

     licenseAdd "license"

     Use this command to add license keys to the system.

     Some features of the system and of the fabric to which it is
     connected are optional, licensed products. Without a license
     installed  for  such products, their services are not avail-

     A license key is a string of approximately 16 upper and low-
     ercase letters and digits. Case is significant.

     The  license  must  be  entered  into  the system exactly as
     issued.  If mistyped,  the  license  may  be  accepted,  but
     licensed  products  will  not  function.  After entering the
     license, use the licenseShow(1) command to check for correct
     function.  If no licensed products are shown, the license is

    After entering a license, the  system  doesn't  need  to  be
     rebooted  and  the  licensed  product  will become available
An exception to this general handling is  that
     the  switch must be rebooted if a fabric license is added to
     a switch that has no  fabric  license.  In  this  case,  the
     switch  must  be rebooted to allow the software to recognize
     the license and initialize itself correctly.

     There is also special  handling  required  when  a  Trunking
     license  is  added to the switch.  For a Trunking license to
     become effective, the trunk ports need to be refreshed using
     the  commands  portDisable and portEnable or the switch must
     be refreshed using the commands switchDisable and  switchEn-

     The command has the following operand:

     license   Specify  a  license  key, in quotation marks. This
               operand is required.

     To add a license to the system:

          switch:admin> licenseAdd "bQebzbRdScRfc0iK"
          adding license key "bQebzbRdScRfc0iK"


I think , this will help you to think.

Pls mark the thread if it helped you.

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Re: add SFPs/port licenses (online or offline?)

Your vendor is probably right. The Filer may stop seeing the disk shelfs and panic leading to downtime.

It seems strange but Netapp had already released a technote for the 200E switch, I'm not able to think of a reason why this would happen though.

Solution ID: kb29214
Last updated: 19 AUG 2008

Fabric MetroCluster: If inserting extra SFPs in Brocade 8 port 200E switches, the filer may not find the disk shelves.
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Re: add SFPs/port licenses (online or offline?)

The aforementioned issue only applies to NetApp storage systems using hardware ownership, since they've got a hardcoded portmap (regarding pool 0 and pool 1 disks etc.) that changes in case a POD upgrade is installed. It should not have any effects on SANOWN (i.e. software based ownership) systems.

Nonetheless, this should be planned carefully indeed. If your responsible storage consultant suggests to take the systems offline, I would follow that advise. Else, you may want to engage NetApp Professional Services in this matter.

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Re: add SFPs/port licenses (online or offline?)

Also beware of the following, from


You can only install Small Form Pluggables (SFPs) in licensed ports. Installing SFPs in unlicensed ports causes Data ONTAP to erroneously assign disks to the unlicensed ports.


So, don't plug any SFP's into the ports prior to licensing them ..

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Re: add SFPs/port licenses (online or offline?)

pardon my language but it seems kind of silly to have to down the whole environment for something the hardware in and of itself is capable of doing online.

Furthermore, i'm having trouble believing why a scenario like under here wouldn't work:

my ideal scenario would be:

location a:

down odd fabric, add licenses, add SFPs.

up odd fabric

location b:

during the same time:

down odd fabric, add licenses, add SFPs.

up odd fabric

repeat steps for even fabric.

the downtime is to make sure Netapp doesnt start recognizing new ports until due time.

If all licenses and SFPs are added succesfully cable up and attach disk shelfs


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Re: add SFPs/port licenses (online or offline?)

That sounds like a sensible plan

I would just make sure that all disks are available via both fabrics before taking anything offline (i.e. `storage show disk -p` etc. from the NetApp controllers).

Also, I would suggest you do a `portcfgpersistentdisable` on the new loop ports, fix them to L_Port using `portcfglport`, only then cable the powered on shelves and enable the loop ports one by one.

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