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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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a question about Optical fiber


We got 2 DS-5000B san switch connected to IBM P570.

The link between one switch and the host turned out to be down.

When we connect optical fiber to the switch,we can see light from the host side.But when we connect optical fiber to the host side, we can't see light from the switch side.

Does it means the host bus adapter goes wrong.But in the Aix system.we use "errpt" and "lsdev -Cc adapter".it seems that it works good.

So does it means the  Optical fiber goes wrong?

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Re: a question about Optical fiber

Could be that one fiber strand of your cable has been damaged or maybe the SFP is faulty or port is disabled?

Physically check whether the HBA, SFP omit light and if not check the HBA/ port setting first.

Check again with cable inserted on one end at the time.

Change the cable to rule that out if needed.

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