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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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my company has procured Broacade Fabric Switch in 2010 and as i am new to this broacade switch and also to the company.


The brocade switch is connected to netapp san, Now i am supposed to do zoning and connect it to Vmware ESXi servers.

I could somehow tried to login to brocade switch through the managment port. please do guide me the procedure or screenshots to do zoning and connect it to esxi servers. GUI method is what  i am prefering as i am new to this switch.




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Re: Zoning

Im guessing you run FOS6 on the switch. chapter 20 page 387 zoning is what you are looking for.



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Re: Zoning

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first, get a documentation what is attached to which port on the switch(es)
 once that is done, open the gui of the switch with the newly attached esxi servers, have the docu ready too

after opening the gui, click on "zone admin" left side menu

pic 01


once the zone administration window opens press "new alias" see arrow


pic 02


after that a new window opens, where you can enter the new alias for the esxi host connetect to a certain port.


pic 03


sooo now the first important part, that might see at the first point useless, but it will prove handy once you need to troubleshoot.


use the following nomenclature to create your alias




A_ stands for alias, this is needed just incase you once will use CLI and grep for something, to distinguish between zones and alias names

LOC1_ location or systemroom name, max. 2-3 letters, where the switch is located at.

SWNAME_ name of the switch

PIC_ portindex

LOC2_ location or systemroom name, max. 2-3 letters, where the host is located at.

HOSTNAME_ name of the connected host


in the next pic you can see an example

after you entered a name for your newly attached host you comit this entry by pressing on "OK"


pic 03a


the second part of creating an alias is connecting the created alias (step before) with the wwn adress

in the member selection list you search for the attached host, use the documentation to know what is attached to which port.

expand the port and look for the wwn adress, this will apear if the connected host is online (think drivers also have to be installed on the hostsystem)l, belonging to your host.


mark it and click on "add member"


pic 04


once done it should like this see next pic


pic 05


press save config, read what it says in the comit window and do so,please!




now the zoning part, the zoning part is nothing else then creating a container and putting the aliases you want to be able to talk to each into this container. even it does seem to be easier just put all the aliases into one container so everything can see everything i urge you not to do this, there are many reasons for it, but it would be a lot more wall of text to explain the reasons behind this, so just belive me when i tell you that for each connection, host connection to one storage/netapp port) and if you have one host connecting to more the one storage/netapp port create a new zone for this connection!


and this is done like this, in the zone administration window press zone, see arrow


zone pic 01


click   "new zone"

new window comes up where you can enter a zone name






Z_ marks this entry as a zone entry, usefull when troubleshooting over CLI

HOSTNAME_ name of the host, that should be the same HOSTNAME_ you used in the creating alias section

STORAGESYSTEMNAME_ name of the storage system, that you also can take from the alias belonging to the storage/netapp

PORT_ which port of the storage/netapp system eg. 1A, 2A, ....


once you created the zone name, press okay

and now the part where we marriage the aliases (host and storage/netapp port) into the zone container.


below in the member selection list, press the aliases and expand.


zone 03 pic


search for the aliases you have created mark the first alias eg. host_alias and press "add member", do the same with the storage/netapp port. check if both entries are in the "zone members" window, if yes and you are sure what you have done there proceed to the next step


click "save config" or if you realy sure what you have, done press "enable config"



sometimes the hostsystem does not see any luns/shares from the storage/netapp system, this can be fixed by disabling/enabling the hostport on the san switch, to force a relog into the fabric some OS require you to restart the host.




and sorry, i have the screenshots at work, will try to attach them tomorrow, if i dont forget :P


ah another thing, this methode is called wwn zoning or soft zoning.


ah and if someone finds a logical thinking error please correct me!!!

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Re: Zoning

Thanks alot for your support but plz provide me screenshots also

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