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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Will there be any difference in below zoning?

Zone A {Initiator 1, Target 1, Target 2}


Zone B {Initiator 1, Target 1}  and Zone C {Initiator 1, Target 2}

I mean, zone A has single initiator & 2 targets in the same zone. Whereas, Zone B & C has same initiator and different targets in two different zones.

Will this make any difference in the number of paths in the server end?

Thanks a lot everyone for your time,

Rakesh P.

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Re: Zoning


no difference for the initiator, that's sure. the only difference is that in the first case your targets will be able to talk to each other, if they will decide to do that for whatever reason. that's why the second case is the most-most recommended.

i'd probably do it like in your first case if two targets are in fact two different ports of the same disk device, or maybe two different tape drives inside the same tape library. i'd think twice if these two targets are two different disk devices of the same model. i'd certainly separate them if they are completely different devices, especially tape and disk.

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