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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Zoning and Clusters

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We are using SAN architecture

since several years and a lot of clusters (Solaris, Linux, Oracle RAC, etc..)

are connected without any trouble.

We recently

met a problem with 2 Clusters under Linux RH4.

When we

reboot one node, the other loses it paths to disks. The two nodes and the

storage are in the same Zone. If i create two separated zones instead of one,

this trouble does not occur anymore.

Does anybody

have met the same problem ? and/or is able to explain this phenomena (LIP reset?)

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Re: Zoning and Clusters

Although I have limited understanding, since no one has replied I give it my best shot.

By zoning the servers you are preventing a LIP reset caused by server reboot to reach the other server in the cluster. As a best practice you should always have single initiator single target in one zone. Maybe the RSCN's are causing the multipathing driver to bring down a path, and when u change the zoning scheme, the RSCN's no longer affect the hosts.

RSCN = request for state change notification.

Although this shd not be the case, some multipathing software behave crazy.



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Re: Zoning and Clusters

Thanks for your helpful answer. We think you are right.

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