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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Zone non-zoned fabric

We are in the planning phase of zoning two Brocade 4100 switches. Right now there are no zones so all servers see everything on the fabric. Below is an outline of the process we are planning on following, also this must be done while the servers are online but at a low IO time period.

Any insights or tips are greatly appreciated.

  1. Create alias names
    for all WWN’s.

  2. Create a single zone
    that contains all of the aliases, this is done to keep the environment in a
    working state, as it is now, where all servers and storage belong to the same

  3. Create and enable
    the single large zone configuration,

  4. Create the
    individual zones using the single initiator rule, one host per zone with
    multiple targets (storage ports).

  5. Once all of the
    zones have been created and verified, add each zone one at a time to the

  6. Remove the added
    server from the ‘All_aliases_zone_config’ zone

  7. Enable the config to
    verify server connectivity.

  8. Repeat steps 5-7 for
    the remainder of zones, once complete the large zone configuration can be

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Re: Zone non-zoned fabric

Hi xmnj2,

Are both 4100 in the same Fabric ?

Are both switches Connected trough ISL ?

Plan they to use both Switches redundantly ( Falover ) or single ?

Have all Server Two ( or more ) HBA ? and the Array Dual Port Capable ?


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Re: Zone non-zoned fabric

Both are in seperate fabrics, not connected via ISL.

Servers each have two HBA's with failover software running on them.

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