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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Zone new Blade FX servers (PowerEdge FC630) to my Brocades

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I have 2 Brocade SLKWRM 300's and 2 Brocade 6510's ISL'ed together with our Hitachi and HP SAN.

We just racked 3 new Blade FX Servers (PE FC630 which have 4 servers contained w/in each blade chassis) and connected 4 fiber cables Each to my 65510's. There are a total of 8 ports on the back of each blade chassis with 4 being used for fiber and 4 for network. 2 of those 4 fiber ports are connected to my one brocade 6510 and the other 2 to my other 6510 for failover.

The brocades see the blade servers as online and with device port WWN's. I did notice that for device details it shows Unknown(initiator/target)-not sure if that's an issue.


For zone admin, I have created an alias for each server port then created a zone for each server and saved and enabled the config.

Problem is when I log in to my Hitachi and HP SAN command suite, I do not see these WWN's to add to my VMware host group in order for the blade servers to see this storage. I have no problems with "normal" PE vm host servers, just these blade servers which will be used as vm hosts. What is going on or what do I need to enable to have my SANs see these WWN's?


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