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Zone database replication issue

Hi All,

I have done the zoning in DCX (from one of the virtual switch) through CLI and the server can able to see the lun (i.e) zoning is effective in both the fabrics.

But when i checked from DCFM GUI, i have not able to see the zone name which was created from the CLI and server adapter is also found to be in offline (wwpn search is not showing the wwpn) state though it is online when checked from CLI.

Below are my questions :

1) Why zones are not reflected in DCFM GUI  when zones are activated from CLI?

2) Why wwpn's (NPIV's) are not coming up in DCFM search ? I confirmed the successful login through nodefind command from CLI ?

3) Because of this will there be any difference in zone database ?

Infrastructure Used :

1) Blade servers (NPIV wwpn's)

2) DCX with VF enabled - (Logged into respective virtual switch and done the zoning through CLI)




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Re: Zone database replication issue

Did you logoff and logon into DCFM after the zoning change?

Sometimes it take a while until DCFM notice the changes.

This is what I have seen.


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