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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Zone config On brocade 6505

Hello Friends


we have 2 new brocade san switches -

we have a new VNX 5400 Storage


the storage has 4 SP


i have a question about the correct configuration on the zone


1. should i make 4 zones each contains a single SP


    ZONE= VNX5400SPA0      <Alias_name> <SPA0>  <server wwn>

    ZONE= VNX5400SPA1      <Alias_name> <SPA1>  <server wwn>

    ZONE= VNX5400SPB0     <Alias_name> <SPB0>  <server wwn>

    ZONE= VNX5400SPB1     <Alias_name> <SPB1>  <server wwn>


OR 2 zones as such ?


   ZONE= VNX5400SPA        <Alias_name> <SPA0> + <Alias_name> <SPA1>  <server wwn>

   ZONE= VNX5400SPB       <Alias_name> <SPB0> + <Alias_name> <SPB1>  <server wwn>


 2. does brocade implemet hard zoning on config ?




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Re: Zone config On brocade 6505

Some time ago I explained zonning concept.

Please, read the first this post


If you will have any questions, ask them here.

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Re: Zone config On brocade 6505



1. you can use single initiatior ( Server wwpn) and multiple target  ( Storage array wwpn)in a zone . So  the  2 zones you have mentioned is good practice. but for redundancy you have to use SPA and SPB in one zone.


Connect SPA0 and and SPB0 on one switch /fabric

Connect SPA1 and SPB1  on 2nd switch /fabric.


Zone1 = server_hab1wwpn , Array_SPA0, Array_SPB0

Zone2= server_hba2wwpn, Array_SPA1, Array_SPB1



 2. does brocade implemet hard zoning on config ?


As long as all the zone members are either wwpn or Domain,port, is hard zoning  ( which is called wwn hard zoning or port hard zoning)

If you mix wwpn with Domain.port  in a zone then it become soft zoning.






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Re: Zone config On brocade 6505

to answer your first question i will quote the san admin best practices guide


"Use single initiator single target or single initiator and multiple target zone sets."


 one of the main reasons for this is to prevent RSCN floods for huge zones that consist of more than two aliases. when a node goes off- or online it produces a RSCN so if a port is flapping it will generate a RSCN  flood and your fabric will be more occupied to propagate the changes rather then move data.


if you interested in knowing more then i suggest the admin guide.

the section interesting for you is the "Administering Advanced Zoning".





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