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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Zone clarification

I have a Dell PowerEdge M1000e Chassis connected to a M5424 (Slave Switch) and that is connected to a brocade 300 master switch, this has connectivity to a Sun Storage array.

Now when there is a replacement of 8 Blades in this Chassis, I am assuming we should replace the WWNs in the brocade 300 master switch (Volume provisioning change in Sun Storage is taken care), I mean edit the zones (just validating the changes to be made on SAN).

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Re: Zone clarification

If there is a change in wwpn of server HBA then definitely you have to modify the zoning.


Just do a aliadd of new wwpn and aliremove of old wwpn. Later the modification at SAN switch, you have to add new intitiator wwpn in host entity and needs to remove the old one at Storage end.


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