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Zone Configuration deletion question

Probably a dumb question, but just making sure I understand the concepts correctly.


Assume I have a the following:

zone_server1_target1: alias_server1,alias_target1
original_zone_configuration: zone_server1_target1


zone_server2_target2: alias_server2,alias_target2
second_zone_configuration: zone_server1_target1,zone_server2_target2


Now "second_zone_configuration" is made active.
I no longer need original_zone_configuration.


if I do a cfgdelete "original_zone_configuration" from CLI or equivalnet using GUI interface,
  will this just delete the group of pointers to alias_server1 and alias_target1 (so I can't use that configuration set)
  actually delete those objects (alias_server1,alias_target1) from future reference out of the DB.


I really just want to make sure that they alias and zone defintions defined are still present. (Especially if they are used in active configuration)


Sorry if it is a dumb question. Rather be safe than looking for a new job.



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Re: Zone Configuration deletion question

The cfg is the "collection" of zones that would be active. Deleting the cfg should not affect the zones that have been configured (added to an active cfg or not), nor should it affect any aliases that have been configured (added to an active zone or not).


Now, there *is* a command that will remove then. ZoneObjectExpunge. This one you *must* be careful with as it removes all items with the object. For example, run on a zone, it removes the zones and the aliases. Run on a cfg, it removes the cfg, zones, and aliases. (I might be explaining this one wrong... But I still use caution with it!)

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Re: Zone Configuration deletion question

Thank you for the clarification.

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