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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Why in FOS 7.1 alias WWNs are coming in uppercase?

While assigning WWN to alias, if we give WWNs in capital letters it will show as capital letter only.

According to FOS 7.1 admin guide post FOS6.2 all WWNs will be in lower case only!!!


Then why it is not converting uppercase WWN in lowercase in FOS 7.1?

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Re: Why in FOS 7.1 alias WWNs are coming in uppercase?

There are three methods of entering an alias in a zone configureation. CLI, Webtools and BNA.


There is a bug I reported back in Januari with BNA (DEFECT000475625) which, if you enter the alias with UPPERCASE characters the field you enter it in visually changes it to lower case but in the back-end environment variable it still is upper-case. That value actually gets submitted. Now, the fun part start if you need to make a change in a temporarily segmented fabric whereby you adjust one side with BNA and the other via webtools or the cli. In both occasions you enter an upper-case value however the webtools and cli method do change it in the backend to lowercase and BNA does not. If at some stage the E-ports are enabled again (or the link simply comes back up) you will notice that the fabric still segments due to a zone database difference. Very handy.


The bug is fixed in BNA 12.3.0 which was released on the 28th of July. If you run into the same problem you should upgrade BNA.

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Erwin van Londen
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