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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Which side of the link has failed if PSTATE LF2 is logged?

We have an HP badged Brocade switch connected to a number of HP servers running VMware.


One server experiences frequent loss of connectivity to the SAN.


The Brocade switch shows:


05:37:30.880 INTR       pstate    0  LF2
05:37:31.206 INTR       pstate    0   AC


The cable between the switch and the host server has been replaced - so next step is to replace the HBA / GBIC


Unfortunately I cannot find any documentation that clarifies which HBA would need to be replaced where the error is LF2.


Obviously I can replace both but for my own knowledge it would be good to know whether the LF2 NOS transmit substate status means an issue with the HBA on the Brocade side, or the server side.





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Re: Which side of the link has failed if PSTATE LF2 is logged?

LF2 is NOS transmit state (last action: transmitted NOS, curent action: wait to receive OLS):

LF2 state when a link failure condition is detected.


LF2 events are in the cases of events:
Loss of Signal
Loss of Sync
Event time out (R_T_TOV)


An FC_Port shall enter the LF2 State when a Link Failure condition is detected. Only one error per Link Failure event shall be recorded. The FC_Port shall remain in the LF2 State while the condition that caused the Link Failure, exists. While in the LF2 State, the FC_Port shall transmit the NOS Primitive Sequence. 


For information:
LF1 is NOS receive state (last action: received NOS, curent action: transmit OLS):
LF1 state when it receive and recognizes the NOS primitive sequence.


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