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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Which interop mode should I run?

We are having problems seeing all WWNs on our SAN. Below is our fabric layout.

McData 4500               Brocade 4024               Brocade 4024

09.08.12   ---------------------   6.1.0g    -----------------    6.1.0g

We are currently running Interop Mode 3 on (McData Open Fabric).  In this mode we manage the zones from the McData Web Interface.  Problem is we only see 23 WWNs.  Any new WWNs added to the fabric do not show up.  We can manually add them to the zone and they work but they do not show up as connected in the interface.

Support (McData) is telling me that we need to be using Interop Mode 2.  I tried that earlier when I implemented this fabric and had issues with seeing all WWNs.

What is the "official" recommended interop mode for this configuration?



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Re: Which interop mode should I run?

Mode 2 if the McDATA is set to Native Mode

Mode 3 if the McDATA is set to Open Mode

when you change the brocade to mode 2 must change the McDATA into native mode.

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Re: Which interop mode should I run?

Sorry, didn't phrase that question properly.  I am having problems with both interop 2 and interop 3.

In interop mode 2, the brocades become the principal and I manage the zones through the brocade interface.  The problems we ran into were various warnings/errors about the fabric changing and needing a refresh.  Aliases were wiped out everytime the fabric was refreshed also.  When we opened a ticket with McData support we were told this was not the proper interop mode and we should be running 3.

In interop mode 3, the McData is the principal and we managed the zones through the McData web interface.  This worked fine until recently when new WWNs stopped showing up in the zone management interface.  If we manually add the WWNs we can create working zones, but it shouldn't work this way.  I can only see 23 WWNs.  I have two fabrics with this setup and they both behave in this way.

Before I spend a ton of time troubleshooting the problems I'd like to know which interop mode I "should" be running.

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