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Where to get Brocade 3250 firmware

I have been all over the internet and I am unable to find the brocade 3250 firmware. I need version 5.3c and probably every version prior to that to upgrade one version at time. I am told that the version we are running is the original released version. I am the system admin thrown into this so asking them for the firmware is not an option. Basically I am the one who has to find it and figure out how to upgrade this thing. For starters I need to know where to find it. Oh and I am on a time crunch on this.

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Re: Where to get Brocade 3250 firmware

To get the firmware from Brocade, you'll need an active suport contract for that switch.

If you bought the switch from an OEM partner, you're best chance is to go to the OEM support pages.

HP sold the 3250 model as Storageworks 2/8v and has firmware available for download.

If you're up for it to try the HP downloads, at your own risk obviously, but I don't expect you'll brick your switch.

They don't have 5.3.0c but do have the D version. The highest level available from HP is 5.3.2c, the earliest is 4.4.0f.

Depending on the level your currently at, you'll be able to upgrade. Lowest FOS thats upgradable based on HP data is FOS 4.1.X and above.

On a side not, the 3250 is an old model and I doubt its still supported, consider replacing it a current one.

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