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Where to download FOS 6.1.0.x firmware



We are looking into upgrade the Brocade 300 firmware running 6.0.2.c to 7.3.1.x, however we cannot find the firmware for 6.1.0.x?


Anyone know where I could find the version eg. 6.1.0.e or .f or .g or .h or .j ??


Anyway our upgrade path plan is as follow for non-disruptive. Will the below path work?


6.0.2.c > 6.1.0.e  6.1.0.j > 6.2.0.g > 6.3.0.d > 6.4.0.c > 7.0.2.e > 7.1.0.c > 7.2.0.d > 7.3.1.e



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