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Where can I find the latest firmware for the IBM 2005B32 (Brocade 4100)?



I have a problem just configuring an IBM 2005B32 unit. It doesn't comunicate with the storage or the hosts. I have two 2005B32 and the second unit doen't have any problem but it has a newest firmware version than the faulty one. So I think it could be a problem with the firmware.


The actual version is:

Test_1078204:admin> version

Kernel:     2.4.19     

Fabric OS:  v5.0.3a

Made on:    Wed Feb 22 22:21:03 2006

Flash:     Fri May 5 15:54:50 2006

BootProm:   4.5.2


The version of the unit that works is:

SW2005_B32:admin> version


Fabric OS:  v6.4.1a

Made on:    Tue Dec 14 02:32:45 2010

Flash:     Mon Apr 11 14:48:38 2011

BootProm:   4.6.6


So, where can I download the firmware file to upgrade the faulty unit?



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