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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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What is the recommended model for mid-range storage array?

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It's been a while since last time I used Brocade SAN swithc. Can anybody please recommended a Brocade model for NetApp cluster filers? We have 6 nodes cluster and they are FAS 8080.


Also, what is the version of recent OS?


Looking forward to hear you!

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Re: What is the recommended model for mid-range storage array?

Mid-range would likely be a G610 or G620. This would future-proof your data needs for quite a while.


If you want to save some money, and still get 16G speeds, you can go with one of the 65xx switch family:


Both will run FOS 8.0.x, or 8.1.x. The next release coming out this fall is 8.2.x


I don't know anything about the latest NetApp, but they may be limited to 16Gb speeds. The 65xx switch in pairs for redundancy will surely give you all the BW you need.




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