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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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What is the checklist when merging new brocade SAN switch into fabric network

Hello engineers in brocade,

I would be grateful if you could give me a hand.

I would exchange a new SAN06A into current SAN network.

The architecture is show below:

              trunk              trunk                trunk


   4900              4900               5300                 5300

                                 (Exchange with new 5300)

      1                    1                     1                     1            Domain ID

     128                128                  128                  128         Fabric ID

  v6.1.0e           v6.1.0e           v6.2.0g               v6.2.0g       FOS

After download saved config to SAN06A and deleted all zone, I deleted all zone config and start merge.


1. What attributes need to check before merging? such as default zone and etc.

2. What kind of document should I refer?

Thanks really a lot in advance.


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