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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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What is the Unkown License?

I have a Brocade 200E SAN Switch.

That model's Firmware version was FOS v6.0.0b,

So I was Firmware Upgraded v6.0.0b to v6.1.0a.

But, I can discover very strange thing.

After Firmware upgrade v6.0.0b to v6.1.0a, and Type Licenseshow,

license description like as Webtools, Advanced Zoning is being change Unkown License.

What's the symption?

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Re: What is the Unkown License?

The answer is very simple, you have Upgrade the switch, and not remove the Old License

( before Remove save the License key, in any Case you will Downgrage to 6.0 or lower, the Key is requiered )

see attached release Notes, Page 8 of 25

--->>> Advanced Zoning and WebTools licenses are no longer necessary beginning with FOS v6.1.

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Re: What is the Unkown License?

I understand from your Reply.

Thank you !

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