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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Registered: ‎08-08-2012

What are the meanings of the following terms about "iswns_bb_swrscn_handler: bb online/offline、iswddb_izone_offline"?

18:54:14.623 iswns_bb_swrscn_handler: bb offline 20016800 50:03:08:c0:02:56:30:1a
18:54:14.623 iswddb_izone_offline: bb 50:03:08:c0:02:56:30:1a in LSAN_jcbak_YSi6000_TapeZone went offline 28987
18:54:16.146 iswd_periodic_check_export: reason 1 rdi: 0 done full trans: 0 import: 0 check: 0 in 0 ms
18:55:17.123 iswns_bb_swrscn_handler: bb online 10016800 50:03:08:c0:02:56:30:1a

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