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Webtool access with a multi-homed Windows client


            I do have a couple of 6510 switches that i cannot access the Webtool from a windows Terminal server.


I am getting all sort of errors or problems:

  • some times i am able to reach the GUI but it ends abruptly with a session timeout message
  • some time i get JAVA dumps talking about connection timeout
  • sometime the initialisation process hang right after entering the password
  • I never loose a ping packet or have problem with an ssh connection to the switches

I am trying to access the switch through a Windows terminal server which has 2 network interfaces:

  • 1 toward the corporate network,
  • The other to the private network on which the switches reside directly whitout any router or firewall inbetween.


I am accessing the windows box through the corporate network in an RDP session.


I noticed that if i am on the windows box's console, and disable the network interface toward the corporate network, my problem disappear and everything work normally.


The windows box is: Windows Server 2008 R2 (local firewall disabled)

One switch is running FOS 7.1.0c, the other is FOS 7.2.1f


Anyone has an idea to help me solve this issue?



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Re: Webtool access with a multi-homed Windows client

most probable this is a issue with JRE.


what is the Java Release you have current running ?


I suggest to use the search option here in mybrocade and you find a lot of thread about such problem.




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