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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Webaccess to Brocade 200E FOS 6.2.1b

We use HP SAN Switches A7984A (Brocade200E) with FOS 6.2.1b but now we have problem to acces the switches via Webtool.

Java Veriosn JRE 1.5 unpdate 6 returns the Message: Error in Startdatei.

It does even not work with Java JRE 1.6 .


Any help to access the switches via Webtool again? We have to cahange the Zone Config, which is easier with the webtool than via cli.


Thanks for help in Advance.


Best Regards


Wilfried Nicol

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Re: Webaccess to Brocade 200E FOS 6.2.1b



First, you have to upgrade the FOS to v6.2.2f9 or 6.2.2g


Second, try with JAVA 7 update 76 as x86 that should work.



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Re: Webaccess to Brocade 200E FOS 6.2.1b

http://[your switch ip address]/switchExplorer_installed.html


This can work in certain situations.

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