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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Warning Port 0 Faulted because of many Link Failures - 7743 - PORT-1003



We have x2 SAN switches connected to a HP EVA SAN. I noticed the Host ports on the SAN are throwing errors up


Controller 1

FP1 - Connection failed 

FP2 - Connection failed 


Controller 2

FP1 - Good

FP2 - Connection failed 


As you can see this isn’t good as we are running of x1 port.


I logged into both switches and I’m seeing the following errors:


Warning Port 0 Faulted because of many Link Failures - 7743 - PORT-1003


I’ve noticed that the ports were showing as Disabled so I enabled them, then they automatically disabled them selves shortly after, this went on for 15 mins & now the ports appear to be Enabled but I still have errors.


The switches have been up & running fine for a while now until last week.


I’ve tried the steps located here:


with the exception of physically inspecting things as I’m on a remote sight. I will be able to get there tomorrow to inspect the cables etc etc.


Does anyone have any more suggestion what this could be?

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