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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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VMFS datastore sharing

Hi All,


I've got 2 x DL380, 1 x P2000 (FC) and 2 x Brocade 300. The zoning is setup on both 300 (redundancy) so that both servers can see the FC on the P2000 (mapped) which is working well. All of the P2000 shares are setup on LUN 0 as explicit.. I want to setup my backup exec system so that the backup exec host running on either server can see the VMFS datastores so I can backup directly and faster instead of running through the network.




Anyone know this can be achieved?


Backup Exec article ..

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Re: VMFS datastore sharing

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Hello there.

If I got you right you have 2 ESXi with shared vmfs volume on P2000 and you want to run BE inside vm on one of these ESXi. If you want to use Direct Storage Access (well its called so in Veeam) and to not use ESXi vmk interface to backup vms, I guess you can try NPIV (e.g. Can`t say more about it, I`ve never used it by mtself.

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