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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Using FCR environment many server produce timeout error

Dear Brocade Gurus,

I have a very strange issue one of my Brocade environment.

There is two DCX (Fos 6.4.0b) connected with each other with the following config

- one FC Router

- one logical switch / DCX

There is FCR solution implemented between the devices, the DCXs are connected with each other with DWDM link pre configred with correct buffer credit values.

The zoning works correctly, but we experience, that if from Site "A" we zone the initiator to a Site "B" storage, after that the storage can see the host, but if I give a LUN to it, the host device rescan operation times out.

I tried with different storage and host platforms and got the same. The FCR configuration looks OK? the dwdm has been set correctly.

Do you have any experience about issues like that? Please share, if you have.

Thank you,



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