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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Username doesn't come up in logging


I want to introduce personalized accounts for the employees to access the Brocade Fibre Channel switches. At this moment, they all login with the same account with admin rights.

For testing purposes, I already created a new account for myself. After logging in, I see a message coming in the syslog-server... It says:

Fri May 21 14:29:10 2010: <190>raslogd: 2010/05/21-12:29:10, , 85, WWN 10:00:00:05:1e:04:6d:da | FID 128, INFO, FCSWITCH_HK01, Login information: Login successful via TELNET/SSH/RSH. IP Addr:

Why isn't there a  username in this log entry. I expect to see the username of the engineer connecting to a fibre switch.

Fabric OS version: 6.2.0e

Does anyone have any idea?


Bart Donders

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Re: Username doesn't come up in logging

I think you need to track changes

I quote from the admin guide

Track and control switch changes
The track changes feature allows you to keep a record of specific changes that may not be
considered switch events, but may provide useful information. The output from the track changes
feature is dumped to the system messages log for the switch. Use the errDump or errShow
command to view the log.
Items in the log created from the Track changes feature are labeled TRCK.
Trackable changes are:
• Successful login
• Unsuccessful login
• Logout
• Configuration file change from task
• Track changes on
• Track changes off
An SNMP-TRAP mode can also be enabled (see the trackChangesHelp command in the Fabric OS
Command Reference).
switch:admin> trackchangesshow
switch:admin> trackchangesset 1
Committing configuration...done.
Once done you will be able to track login success and failures
2009/04/30-08:36:18, , 29088,, INFO, sw42, Security violation: Login failure attempt via TELNET/SSH/RSH. IP Addr: sw42
2009/04/30-08:36:18, , 29089,, INFO, sw42, Unsuccessful login by user bijukr.

Biju Krishnan




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Re: Username doesn't come up in logging


Thanks for your answer... I will try it, when I will be back in the office... Could be a few days  from now...

I will let you know...

Regards, Bart

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Re: Username doesn't come up in logging

Hi, just tried the trackchangesset and finally I can track the user login...

Thanks for your reply.


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