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Upgrading of firmware


I have a number of switches, 4 x 4100 and 2 x 5000 that need the firmware upgrading.  The 4100 switches are running firmware 4.4.0b and the 5000 switches are running 5.3.0.  As both versions of firmware are obsolete, I need to upgrade them.  I have 2 questions:

1. The 4100 switches are not in production use, is it possible to upgrade these directly to the latest firmware (version 6.3 I believe) without having to install intermediate releases?

2. The 5000 switches are in production use, but are not in a fabric - they are stand alone, is it possible to upgrade these directly to the latest firmware (version 6.3 I believe) without having to install intermediate releases?

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Re: Upgrading of firmware

v6.2.x is the latest release available at this time.

To Your question:

...without having to install intermediate releases?


You must upgrade Step-by-Step.

for exact Details beetwen the FOS Release Upgrade procedure, see the release note aas Actually is running on the Switch.

You need from v4.4.x to v6.2 Min. 4 Upgrade Step

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Re: Upgrading of firmware

I am trying to do a firmware upgrade on some ibm branded m-48 switches.

I used to be able to use the firmwaredownload command with either the gui or command line

and the switches could find the server that I had the firmware loaded on easily.

Now it does not find the server using either the command line or the gui.

The only pertinent change I can think of is that the domain of the server where firmware is located has changed.

For example it used to be something like this - nimserver.application., now it is something like this nimserver.application0. This is now a different domain from the switches, they are still in the old domain.

To complicate things the old server name is aliased to the new name.

When the firmwaredownload command is run, it comes back with an error that includes every thing that can possibly go wrong. It reads like this - Can't find server, directory for firmware or user name and password are wrong.

I know the id and password ar ok because I can get to the same server even after it's domain name change using

supportsave command.

I wanted to know I could do the firmwareupgrade using a serial cable connection. If not do you know of any issues with

server and switch being in different domains when attempting a firmware upgrade. The current version is 6.4.1a going to 6.4.2b.

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