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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Upgrading SAN and Fabric


2 storage arrays (different vendors).  1 used for Production, 1 for DEV\QA

4 Brocade switches in a mesh.



Production SAN Lifecyle

Removing Two Switches in current Mesh (Principal and 1 other)

Adding Two 6510 Switches as Independent Fabrics

Keeping Two 6505 switches that connect to DEV SAN (these switches setup independently to SAN2 SP's but have ISL's to Principal Switch so hosts can see storage on both)

Needing to Connect Both Arrays so that Host Machines can see storage presented by both without meshing.


This will probably be long, so please bear with me.  We are currently in the process of replacing our PROD SAN and Fabric.  I am seeking some help on possible ways to achieve as much of a pain free migration as possible?  


Currently we have have a meshed fabric consisting of 4 Brocade switches.  We are going to be getting two new Brocade Switches as part of our PROD SAN lifecycle.  Currently I have two different Storage Arrays (different vendors) that connect to our fabric.  The fabric was not setup correctly but it works and we are trying to get it right with this new lifecycle replacement.  SAN1(PROD) has both of its SP's connecting into the principal switch in the fabric.  SAN2 (DEV) has its SP's setup correctly with each SP connecting to each independent Brocade switch with an ISL from each switch back to the Principal Switch.  I also have an ISL from the principal switch to another Brocade switch.  


When the new equipment arrives and is setup I do not want to Mesh the two new switches with the old fabric if possible.  However, I want my Host machines to be able to see storage from Both?  The new SAN (PROD) will be setup with each controller having 1 connection to each "New Brocade 6510 Switch".  I have a couple of spare host machines with dual HBA's in them. What i would like to do, or what i am thinking about doing is this.  Take One Half of the HBA on the Host and leave it on the current fabric.  Take the other Half of the HBA and put it on one of the new independent fabrics.  I will then svmotion the VM's over to the new fabric, and when that is complete for the Host, i will take the HBA sitting on the old fabric and put it into the other available Brocade so it is now redundant.  


When I am done moving VM's over to new fabric's, my issue is going to be SAN2 (DEV).  I will still be using this piece of equipment, since it is for our DEV\QA environments.  I have two available BackEnd ports on each controller for SAN2 that i could connect to each of the new 6510 switches.  Then i could maintain independent fabrics but have my hosts able to see each array's presented storage?  I probably don't need two sets of switches but that is my setup and would like to keep it that way.  So i guess long story short is how do i connect two SAN's to 4 switches but keep each of them independent, or should i do a meshed fabric again?  Also, once i remove the principal switch in this configuration, do i disable the ISL links to the two switches that will remain?   I have never done this before (SAN Lifecycle) so please forgive me if this is confusing?


Thanks in Advance

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Re: Upgrading SAN and Fabric

to me, you are either trying to describe easy things with difficult words, or you are really trying to build a very complicated setup, but then i don't get how this is possible with only four (or six?) switches and two storage devices (that you are calling SANs? - why?)


build two separate fabrics and connect all your devices (servers and storage) to both of them. avoid usage of the ISLs for your production systems. that's it! should be pretty enough for a good and robust config.

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