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Upgrade Access - Download Firmware

Hello Everyone,

I have filled the "upgrade access" form on MyBrocade with a valid serial number, in order to download firmware upgrade for two Brocade 5000 Switch.

I did not received any contact from Brocade and still don't have access do download section.

Any ideas or tips?

Thanks in advance,

Pedro Mazzoni

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Re: Upgrade Access - Download Firmware

Hi Pedro,

Has it been awhile since you entered in the valid serial number on the site?  If yes then I would try giving Support a call directly if possible.  I'm not sure where in the world you are from but below are the various international numbers to contact us.  You may also wish to try emailing support directly.

Brocade Support Telephone Numbers:

US and Canada Toll-Free: 800-752-8061

For toll-free access to Brocade Support, dial the number listed next to your country on the International Telephone Numbers page below.

Services and Support - Brocade

For all other countries, use 1-800-752-8061.

Unfortunately, toll-free service is not available from every phone worldwide.  If you are having trouble reaching us on the number shown above for your country, please try calling us +800 28 34 27 33 (our Universal International Freephone Number) or use another phone to place your call (preferably a landline). If you are still having trouble, please contact us at +1-408-333-6061 (note: this number is not toll-free).

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