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Updating Zone port info

A have a C7000 chassis with 14 HP server blades. There is a P2000, two FlexFabrics and a couple of Brocade switches. Recently we added more space to the P2000 and created new partitions (RAID-5) for 3 current blades in the C7000. The 3 blades will need their RHEL (6.5) be reinstalled. The issue is that when we reinstall the OS, all 3 blades detect the same partition (mpathb) and not each of their designated partion: Blade-12: mpatha, Blade-4: mpathb and Blade-13: mpathc. We belive that the issue is in the Brocade. There are individial Zones in Zone Administration that correspond to each of our blades. It appears that the current ports in each zone are wrong. Each Alias in Zone has 5 members. The Members are 2 Emulex and 3 Dot-Hill-Systems. How can we tell which port (via WWN) corresponds to which blade in C7000? How do we map the P2000 partitions (mpathX) to these ports? Thanks!




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Re: Updating Zone port info

Switchshow will show the WWN on the device connected to each port.


zoneshow will show all the info regarding zones like zone mebers, aliases, etc.


nszonemember -a will show all the zone members per port... but this shows the alias not WWN.


I am not familiar with the p2000 ( is this an HP) but I would verify that you have configured all the of the partitions the same. If 'mpathb' is working  make sure 'a' and 'c' are configured similarly.

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Re: Updating Zone port info

FYI - Yes the P2000 is an HP Disk Array.

The solution is resolved. I went back to the OA console on the HP C7000. I got the WWNs for each of the HBAs. I went back to the Brocade in the Zone Administration and compare the alias of each correspondant HP blade. Sure enough, there was one port that wasn't correct. I updated both Brocades and saved my changes. After this the partitions show up. One thing I learned was that when the blade detects the partition it tells you what it is by the WWN and not mapathX as we were expecting. You live and learn.

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