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Unix LDAP configuration

IS there a way with FOS 6.1 to configure authentication with Unix LDAP ?

I created a user on unix LDAP server, configure LDAP authentication method and server on brocade DS-5100B, but I didn't manage to login.

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Re: Unix LDAP configuration


Refer to the CLI Guide and Fabric OS Administrator's Guide for configuration procedures.


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Re: Unix LDAP configuration


We have a ldap server ( openldap-2.3.43-12.el5_5.2 ) configured on RHEL 5.5 and we are trying to configure a brocade 48000 switch as a client for this ldap server . We have done the configuration on server and switch ( as per the cli and FOS refrence guide ) as described below but we are not able to login by authenticating the user from ldap sever .

Attached are :

Configuration file on server (slapd.conf )

Configuration done on switch

Can you please help by indicating the steps that need to be done on ldap server for getting the authentication done ?

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Re: Unix LDAP configuration

Hi , We have changed the location of dictionary.brocade file from /etc/raddb to /usr/share/freeradius and included its name in the dictinary file overethere .Now it is getting loaded and in the debug mode we can also see the VSA passed but the issue is that the in the field brocade-auth-role the uername is getting mapped due to which authentication is getting failed and if I change the position of string brocade authrole from 1 to 3 in dcitinary.brocade then the user is getting suthenticated only as user but the role is not getting passed . Can you please suggest . Thanks in advance .

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