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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Understanding Performance.

Is there any doc o place where i can discuss or learn about siwthces performance? for instance, i see that, for ports, there it says 4% used and i do´nt understand how it is measured. what does it mean that a port is 8gb? is it 8gb in one way and in the other? this comes, because i have many issues saying that the san is the guilty and i dont have enough tools to use for discussion.



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Re: Understanding Performance.

Hi Gabriel,


speed is bidirectional - so speed is 8Gbps in both direction.  Dependent on where you look and which tools, or command, you used to get the 4%, but in most cases it would mean that you used 4% of the bandwidth of that link. Assume that the speed is set to 8gbps, 4% of 800mb/s is around 32mb/s. 


If you want to look at raw figures, you can use for example portperfshow (CLI) where you can see transmitt and receive rate for all or a subset of the ports on a switch.   To get an overiew of of performance and configuration,  you can use SAN Health (gathering data under 24hours). BNA can also provide insight into the performance of your fabric(s). 





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