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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Under what conditions The Domain ID may Change automatically?

Hi Team,

I'm no sure what happened with my Fabric. Yesterday the IT Consultant was tried to connect our Brocade SAN Switch 5100 with 3 Embedded Switchs HP (5480). Domain IDs 1, 10, 11 and 20 respectively. The issue occur when the 5100 changed his Domain ID from 1 to 2 and Zone Configuration (port based zoning) remained with definition with Domaind 1, all the FC Devices lost the connection.

Then, disconnect all the embedded Switchs, disabled the 5100, returned Domain ID to 1, enabled the 5100 and all the devices is working fine.

I need to know why this occurs. We are worry, because we need to connect again the HP Blade to our Fabric but we don't know if this issue my occur again.

Attach the supportshow for the switchs.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Under what conditions The Domain ID may Change automatically?


DID not change automatically to 2 or another value, excepted you set the switch to factory default.

However in such case the DID would change to default as 1 and not to 2 or whatever.

with other word anyone must have made such change.

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Re: Under what conditions The Domain ID may Change automatically?

I wasn't real clear on if there was an already-established fabric that these switches were attached to, but it is possible for a switch to have it's domain ID changed by the principal switch in the fabric. If the Insistent Domain ID feature is not enabled, and there is a conflict with multiple switches with the same Domain IDs, you might see one of them automatically changed.

Here is a little note from the FOS Admin Guide:


If insistent domain ID (IDID) is not enabled and a switch attempts to join the fabric with a duplicate DID, the principal switch will assign the incoming switch a different domain ID. If the principal switch cannot assign a different domain ID to the incoming switch, it will segment from the fabric."

Not sure if that is what happened to you, but I thought it might be a possibility.

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